virtual estate planning

In our modern world, there are a variety of relationship and family dynamics that come in to play during estate planning.Stereotypical, nuclear families aren’t the only ones that benefit from planning for their family/loved ones – quite the opposite actually!

There are special considerations for:

☑️ Unmarried partners;

☑️ Families with non-biological children

☑️ Single parents

☑️ Separated but not divorced partners

☑️ Second marriages

☑️ Same-sex marriages and couples; and

☑️ More!

Additionally, living wills, health care directives, and powers of attorney are of particular importance to partners who are not legally married.After all, Florida laws for distribution of property and rights in the event of death/incapacity are tailored to the traditional, nuclear family. Today, this dynamic applies to less than half of us. For those that don’t fit the mold, planning is both more important and more interesting. Take the steps needed to protect your loved ones – no matter the relation.

Non-Traditional + Blended Families